Monday, April 04, 2005

Conspiracy of silence continues

Listening to KGO, San Franscisco, on the internet this morning (Finnish time), I was shocked to hear that "18 Americans had been killed" in the attack by resistance fighters on the Abu Ghraib prison,

Scouring through the news channels I found that the conspiracy of silence has been imposed on the media where the only talk is of a serious attack where 44 US Soldiers were wounded, some seriously, and that 12 prisoners were also wounded.

Did KGO get the news specifically about the US dead and then they were asked to shut out this news?

Karel, who was standing in for Bernie Ward, specifically referred to the 18 US soldiers dead. He asked the audience very pointedly whether the coverage by the US media about the Pope was more important than covering the largest single day loss of life of US forces in Iraq.

However, there is no mention of even 1 dead in any mainstream media.

Even BBC is playing it cool. Are they also scared that Blair will lose his ratings further with the election drawing close in May.

Bush, the country bumpkin, has not stepped forward to tell his stooges that the war is going exactly to plan!!

Mainstream media can be thrown out of the window.


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