Sunday, March 13, 2005

And now New York Times reveals all

A case of the Pot calling the Kettle BLACK?

You read my letter to the Editor of New York Times in a prervious entry. And now this male prostituting press reveals that it is

Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged News

In an eight web page article by By DAVID BARSTOW and ROBIN STEIN, the absolute criminality of the Bush Administration is revealed.

"Thank you, Bush. Thank you, U.S.A.," a jubilant Iraqi-American told a camera crew in Kansas City for a segment about reaction to the fall of Baghdad. A second report told of "another success" in the Bush administration's "drive to strengthen aviation security"; the reporter called it "one of the most remarkable campaigns in aviation history." A third segment, broadcast in January, described the administration's determination to open markets for American farmers.

To a viewer, each report looked like any other 90-second segment on the local news. In fact, the federal government produced all three. The report from Kansas City was made by the State Department. The "reporter" covering airport safety was actually a public relations professional working under a false name for the Transportation Security Administration. The farming segment was done by the Agriculture Department's office of communications...."

Such treachery was organised by a malAdministration which does not have evn one success to its name.

Now we know why there were 60 million idiots who voted for him!! (Were you one of them?) They lap up the TV news as well as what they get from the pews of their "fundamentalist church" without even thinking for a moment or weighing up what is going on around them. They are the Zombies of the world, led by the biggest Zombie of all time!! A man who cannot even handle a heckler (see previous blog entry.)

The complicity of the TV media in this process is seen from this:

"Several major television networks play crucial intermediary roles in the business. Fox, for example, has an arrangement with Medialink to distribute video news releases to 130 affiliates through its video feed service, Fox News Edge. CNN distributes releases to 750 stations in the United States and Canada through a similar feed service, CNN Newsource. Associated Press Television News does the same thing worldwide with its Global Video Wire."

Or take this example:

"On Sept. 11, 2002, WHBQ, the Fox affiliate in Memphis, marked the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks with an uplifting report on how assistance from the United States was helping to liberate the women of Afghanistan.

Tish Clark, a reporter for WHBQ, described how Afghan women, once barred from schools and jobs, were at last emerging from their burkas, taking up jobs as seamstresses and bakers, sending daughters off to new schools, receiving decent medical care for the first time and even participating in a fledgling democracy. Her segment included an interview with an Afghan teacher who recounted how the Taliban only allowed boys to attend school. An Afghan doctor described how the Taliban refused to let male physicians treat women.

In short, Ms. Clark's report seemed to corroborate, however modestly, a central argument of the Bush foreign policy, that forceful American intervention abroad was spreading freedom, improving lives and winning friends.

What the people of Memphis were not told, though, was that the interviews used by WHBQ were actually conducted by State Department contractors. The contractors also selected the quotes used from those interviews and shot the video that went with the narration. They also wrote the narration, much of which Ms. Clark repeated with only minor changes."

And the New York Times has also been totally and completely complict in this scheme!! Remember Judith Miller and her special relationship to Ahmed Chalabi?


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