Monday, March 28, 2005

How is this for hypiocrisy?

The Los Angeles Times:
DeLay's Own Tragic Crossroads
# Family of the lawmaker involved in the Schiavo case decided in '88 to let his comatose father die.
By Walter F. Roche Jr. and Sam Howe Verhovek, Times Staff Writers

1. Tom Delay pulled the plug on his own father's life.
2. Tom Delay sued the company that produced a part which caused his father's death!!

And to top it - read this:
For all of Tom DeLay's public espousal of Christian values, particularly his deep commitment to family, he privately has nursed a terrible estrangement from his own mother and three siblings. After the 1988 death of his father and the rise of his career in Washington, DeLay cut off contact with all three siblings, and seven years ago he stopped attending DeLay family gatherings. He has not seen or talked to his mother, Maxine, in two years, even though she lives about 10 miles away from Sugar Land; nor did he invite any of them to his daughter's 1999 wedding or even mention his mother in the published wedding announcement.
All through his roomy home are many photographs of his wife, his daughter and his in-laws -- but not a single one of the DeLays. Throughout our conversations, this rift is the only subject that he adamantly will not discuss.

An Easter Biblical Lesson of being a true Texan, the Republican Leader of the House as well as in Hypocrisy!!


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