Sunday, March 13, 2005

A pResident who cannot even handle a heckler?

I Got Ejected from a George Bush Event!

by Mike Bailey

I just had one of the most exciting moments of my life. I think it probably comes in second (after my wedding), and ahead of the first time I swam in the ocean, and receiving U2 tickets (for Dublin) from my wife.

I just got thrown out of one of George Bush's Social Security "town meetings." You know, the ones where he scoots around the country, fills up a room full of Kool-Aid-drinking Republicans, and answers softball questions (or just gives his sales pitch with no questions). And all on the taxpayer dime.

Yep, I sat there like a good boy, up in the nosebleed section, clapping for Anne Northup (our Bush clone congresswoman), praying in Jesus' name, and all that good stuff. Then Bush got up and gave his one-sided Social Security talk. I finally couldn't take it anymore, and I stood up and shouted my opinions. "Let's not use Social Security money for private accounts! I like private accounts, I've got two! A 401k and a Roth. But let's not steal from Social Security! How about private accounts outside of Social Security?" People started shushing me with furrowed brows and shocked expressions. "Shhh. That's rude!" I just kept on yelling. "Mr. President, can't you hear me?" I repeated my mantra over and over and he kept on talking, trying to ignore me. He began to stumble a bit on words. I don't blame the guy. It's hard to keep your lies straight when someone is yelling the truth at you. And the acoustics at Whitney Hall are amazing! The truth was echoing from the rafters....More

A pResident who cannot visit any country in the world, who cannot even face legitimate questions from his own people in his own country. Even for the tsunami disaster he could not visit the affected countries but had to send two aging Presidents in his stead. the world's most hated man - even more than Osama bin Laden.

What has America become?

Great work Mike. Your actions resound around the world.


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