Thursday, March 17, 2005

New York Times now moves to Editorialise the issue

I am sure it is not only me that is hammering the subject of the Mainstream Media being used as male prostitutes by the Bush malAdministration.

Today the New York Times ran an Editorial entitled And Now, the Counterfeit News which talked about how news organizations deceive the public when they pass off segments produced by the White House's public relations machine as real news.

In the entire editorial the New York Times was careful to try to distance itself from this shameful behaviour.

I had no option than to send a letter to the editor which read:

Dear Editor,

Referring to you above Editorial of today, taking the mote of other people's eyes seems to be a speciality of The New York Times.

What the public wants to know is the degree of complicity of YOUR ORGANISATION in this counterfeiting of news - or are you claiming that you were NOT involved? And let us not have it on the bottom of the last column on page 127!!

When I posted this on the Democaratic Underground Forum, one person drew attention to what I thought was a excellent cartoon by Artist Crowe (Copyright Crowe):

Cartoon by Crowe


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