Sunday, March 20, 2005

Thank you you wonderful Brits

The protest in London at Trafalgar Square is truly a wonderful sight to our eyes. The White Peace Tent is visible along with the thousands who have gathererd there to show Bush and Blair that trhey are war criminals.

Trafalgar Square Protest - Web cam at 17.00 hours

Trafalgar Square Protest - Web cam at 17.00 hours

This is not a rigged Saddam Statue felling web shot - there are real people with real feelings out there and you can watch it live!!

I only hope that Liberal Leader Charles Kennedy will listen to my advice.

He should not field any Liberal candidate against any Labour or Conservative MP who is outspokenly against the war and ensure that he puts up his Liberal candidates against all the hard core liars and Blair sycophants.

The entire Anti War lobby should organise to win the next election and topple these warmongers.


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