Friday, July 08, 2005

London Bombings

Comment #6 posted on Congreesman John Conyers Jr.'s blog: jmatthan said on 7/8/05 @ 12:37am ET...

I have touched on this subject in a series of postings ion my blog

Terrorist hit London? Any surprise?
Why do Brits speculate?
How many of you are..
Why London, Why Now?
Galloway gets it right again

From the comments that I received, it is obvious that neither the neocons, cons nor liberals, and especially the media, even the so-called "unbiased" BBC, are going to address the true reasons but will walk around the Bush, talking about protecting "values". What values?

The saying is "As you sow, you shall reap" but it is sad that it is innocents in all these countries - US, Afghanistan, Iraq, Spain, London, that are paying the price for the deeds of the killers, the chief among them being Bush and Blair.


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