Friday, July 08, 2005

How many of you are thinking

about what is happening in Baghdad, what happened in Fallujah?

Or are those innocent people expendable at the whims of George Bush and Tony Blair?


At 20:03, Blogger Anti-Euro said...

So sick of Euro 'blame-the-victim and appease' mentality. I've long since written Eurabia off as 'getting what they deserve'. Because the US and it's allies are actually trying to fix the mess that several centuries of European colonialism, WE get blamed for your f*ups. Step up to the plate Euro-whiners. Put up or shut up. Accept the blame, get over it and FIX the PROBLEM. Two world wars, Korea, Vietnam, and the entire basket case of Africa and the M.E. are entirely your fault. And WE, the US and her Allies, get BLAMED by a bunch of history deficient elitists for trying to keep YOUR butts from ending up in the ashbin of history.

Yet you still blame us despite all that we've sacraficed on YOUR behalf.


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