Tuesday, July 05, 2005


There is a new blog called USPATRIOTSUNITED. The principles laid out in the first post may seem very interesting to some, but I simply had to post this Comment:

Isn't patriotism followed by nationalism, the stepping stone to fascism?

Why should one be patriotic?
Should not one love one's neighbour?
And who is one's neighbour?
That poverty stricken African in Chad or a HumVee owning gallon guzzling right wing Christian fundamentalist in Idaho?

I come from country X, my wife is from country Y, two of our children are from country Z, Our other children are from countries X, Y and Z. Our sons-in-law are from countries Y and Z. Our grandchildren are from countries Y and Z.

Which country should I be patriotic to?
In what form should I show this patriotism?
(Visit my correspondence with an "educated" American at http://koti.netplaza.fi/~findians/AntiWar/USEducated/educated.html )

It is short-sighted to think in terms of patriotism. One should respect ALL one's fellow travellers on this globe immaterial of where they come from - that is true patriotism to this globe.

I recall several years ago when we were living in country X, the Embassy of country Y, my wife's country, wrote to her to register with her Embassy so she could be evacuated if there were problems in country X.

She asked them what would happen to her husband and children, none of whom at that time had citizenship for country Y. She was told that they were not included in the Embassy evacuaton programme.

My wife told her Embassy exactly where to put their evacuation programme!!


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