Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hoping Bush falls of .....

Yesterday, it was reported by AlJazeera that pResident Bush had yet again fallen his bicycle at the Gleneagles Golf Course in Scotland. This time, besides injuring himself, he also managed to injure a policeman.

Let us recap on some of his antics:

In January 2002, he choked on a pretzel at the White House - suffering scrapes to his face when he fainted and fell.
In June 2003, he couldn't stand on the much touted totally safe Segway, a motorised, two-wheel vehicle - in Kennebunkport, Maine.
In May 2004, he fell off his mountain bike at his ranch in Texas, suffering more serious injuries than he sustained yesterday.

How one wishes that this pResident would fall off his pResidential chair for GOOD.

He has already irreparably injured the world. That would be some small retribution!!


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