Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terrorists hit London! Any surprise?

I just heard the short statement by Tony Blair trying to condemn the terrorists for hitting London at the time the G8 is meeting at Gleneagles, in Scotland.

Tony Blair is a liar, but his statement showed he is also a fool.

When he entertains his master, pResident Bush, what does he expect - that the terrorists will leave those who are killing indiscriminately in Afghaniustan and Iraq alone.

If Bush and Blair want peace for their citizens and their country, they had better stop killing innocent civilians in those countries. The terrorists are only following the "values" of these war criminals.

The spin has started.

Let us not accept the double standards of these war criminals sitting in Gleneagles.

Is this a Rovian / Negroponte tactic to take the heat of the Downing Street Memos and the outing of Valerie Plame?

Our hearts go out to the innocents in Afghanistan, Iraq and England - but hold the correct people to blame - Bush and Blair, to account for this - NO ONE ELSE!!


At 13:52, Blogger Dick said...

Hi Jacob,
You're an amazing person.
Not very well informed, but amazing.

At 13:54, Blogger wiley said...

Guess it would be asking to much to put the blame/responsibility of these attacks on the perp's that committed them, huh? Typical

At 14:06, Blogger sasha said...

Yes Scott, as soon as we put the blame and responsibility for the killing in Serbia, Afganistan, Irak, and other countries where USA and UK spread "democratic values", on the perp's that committed them - USA and UK governments.

At 14:32, Blogger bob said...


"one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."

i am not saying that terrorism is right but bush has given a pretty good reason for it. how many people has he killed. how many peoples lifes has he distroyed. how many people has he let down. in my opinion he is a tool.

At 16:23, Blogger joel said...

So the terrorist are innocent freedom fighter expressing their rage bah bah bah it is bullsh*t, all the libs are morons who would blame everyone else other than the people who are truely responisble the mundering terrorist not Blair or Bush. The people committed this horrible act should tracked and shot on the spot.

At 17:19, Blogger Chris & Phil said...

So what you are saying is that this attack was in response to what is going on in Iraq and Afganistan? Why then was one of the neighborhoods targeted predominately muslim? And what was 9/11 a response to? If we do nothing the outcome is worse, Clinton can attest to that. Don't you realize that if they would stop doing these things (i.e. USS Cole, 9/11, world trade center bomb I, etc.) then we would have just left them alone? They have a track record of continued violence against non-military targets, but I guess that is our fault too.

At 17:37, Blogger Chucko said...

Yeah, you libs keep running with that argument. I've actually begun to feel guilty because while rhetoric like this clearly benefits us conservatives, it's also helping to destroy the nation and get our troops killed. If you had any influence beyond your front porch, this would be treasonous. Unless you're a Democratic senator.

At 17:43, Blogger Chucko said...

Scratch that, just noticed you're Finnish. You guys go ahead with your liberal elite drivel. We'll continue dealing with reality and the battle at hand.

At 20:00, Blogger Anti-Euro said...

So sick of Euro 'blame-the-victim and appease' mentality. I've long since written Eurabia off as 'getting what they deserve'. Because the US and it's allies are actually trying to fix the mess that several centuries of European colonialism, WE get blamed for your f*ups. Step up to the plate Euro-whiners. Put up or shut up. Accept the blame, get over it and FIX the PROBLEM. Two world wars, Korea, Vietnam, and the entire basket case of Africa and the M.E. are entirely your fault. And WE, the US and her Allies, get BLAMED by a bunch of history deficient elitists for trying to keep YOUR butts from ending up in the ashbin of history.

Yet you still blame us despite all that we've sacraficed on YOUR behalf.

At 23:40, Blogger John Betts said...

My dear Jacob: bugger off.

At 03:52, Blogger zippythepinhead said...

what a looser. jihadist dont care about iraqis since they bomb iraqi citizens. al they care about is the destruction of israel and the spread of fundamentalism.

your attitude is profoundly naive.

At 23:44, Blogger ieeye said...

It's Bush's fault

At 18:38, Blogger Jakester said...

Right, all Blair and Bush's fault. Muslims never engaged in terrorism or jihad before Bush was elected. What a dummy!


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