Friday, July 08, 2005

Why do Brits speculate?

Britain is at war - and this is the outcome of the war that they are fighting, an illegal war.

So I fail to understand all the hand-wringing and wonderment. Like the stupid Americans who re-elected (?) Bush, the Brits re-elected Blair. So they brought this on themselves.

Do the Brits think that the war will be forever restricted to other lands only where the occupation forces are killing innocent women and children.

Remember Bush's address at West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia, last week about keeping the terrorists on foreign lands - it shows that all he says is just a load of rubbish.

I keep hearing on BBC that the terrorists hit "without warning".

Do the American and British occupation forces in Iraq give a warning when they are carrying out barbaric attacks to kill innocent Iraqi women and children? Do the invading and occupation forces in Afghanistan and Iraq have any respect for human life?

Blame the war criminals Bush and Blair for this attack on innocent Brits.


At 20:03, Blogger Anti-Euro said...

So sick of Euro 'blame-the-victim and appease' mentality. I've long since written Eurabia off as 'getting what they deserve'. Because the US and it's allies are actually trying to fix the mess that several centuries of European colonialism, WE get blamed for your f*ups. Step up to the plate Euro-whiners. Put up or shut up. Accept the blame, get over it and FIX the PROBLEM. Two world wars, Korea, Vietnam, and the entire basket case of Africa and the M.E. are entirely your fault. And WE, the US and her Allies, get BLAMED by a bunch of history deficient elitists for trying to keep YOUR butts from ending up in the ashbin of history.

Yet you still blame us despite all that we've sacraficed on YOUR behalf.


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