Saturday, March 05, 2005

What a TURN AROUND!!!!

In 1989 I stopped my Professor at the University of Oulu from proceeding to China to deliver a talk at the Microelectronics Conference in Beijing as a result of the events surrounding Tiananmen Square .

Today, China, of all countries, has released a report concerning the Human Rights Record of the US!!

If I was a self-respecting American, I would be hanging my head in shame after reading the contents of this report. Released by the Information Office of China's State Council, a multitude of cases are presented that show that serious violations of human rights can be publicly witnessed in the US and by the US!! But, as can be expected, most Republican and Democratic Senators have no self-respect as they follow the God of MONEY, and with that there is NO SHAME!!

That is the "American Dream" with false virtues which they call their "Christian GOD". They follow none of the principles of Christ and yet claim to be "Christian"!!

"The report reviewed the human rights record of the United States in 2004 from six perspective: Life, Liberty and Security of Persons; Political Rights and Freedom; Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; Racial Discrimination; Rights of Women and Children; and Infringement of Human Rights of Foreign Nationals."

"In 2004 the atrocity of US troops abusing Iraqi POWs exposed the dark side of human rights performance of the United States. The scandal shocked the humanity and was condemned by the international community. It is quite ironic that on Feb. 28 of this year, the State Department of the United States once again posed as the 'the world human rights police' and released its Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2004. As in previous years, the reports pointed fingers at human rights situation in more than 190 countries and regions (including China) but kept silent on the US misdeeds in this field. Therefore, the world people have to probe the human rights record behind the Statue of Liberty in the United States."

This paragraph made it clear what people, not only in China, but all over the world, think:

"Boasted as a "paragon of democracy", the United States democracy is manipulated by the rich and malpractice"

With such persons as the liar Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State, the torture promoter Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General, and the architects of the El Salvadoran Death Squads John Dimitri Negroponte, Otto J. Reich and Elliot Abrams, amongsst a whole host of others, to support the evil and corrupt regime of Bush, Chenney, Rumsfeld and gang, is it no wonder that even a country like China can tell it as it is!

And who are these rich. They are the corrupt Senators and Congressmen, and especially the Bush Crime Family!!

So expect the arrogance of the corrupt Americal politcial system which is kept in place by a male prostituting (Jeff Gannon / James Guckert) style American mainstream media to scoff at such reports!!

Thank you China for telling it as it is.


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