Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My anger brims over

On opening my email today, I saw the headlines from the New York Times where Bush is lecturing Russia about democracy.

Bush is without doubt:

1. a liar,
2. a cheat,
3. a thief,
4. a drug user,
5. a convicted felon,
6. a war criminal,
7. a polluter,
8. a facist - and
9. a religous bigot,
10. a moron
etc., etc.,

There are many other superb derogatory adjectives which have been used to fit this Madman - just choose the words you like best and do a Google search!! - e.g., worst pResident of the USA, coward, AWOL, world's most hated man, to name a few. Hardly a comforting thought for those 59 million Bush voters who were so aptly described by the Daily Mirror (UK) on their Front Page of their November 4th 2004 issue!! And some people in the US can still actually be supporters of this individual?!

This horrible pig wants the rest of the world to have a type of democracy that he does not even afford his own people!!

A flawed election under his watch in 2004 where millions of people were made wait for 10 hours to cast their vote, where many tens of thousands who were even denied the right to vote, where he permited the use of voting machines made by his friends without supervision of the software, where he used Secretarys of State who were his campaign workers to alter the election results, etc. etc., and he has the temerity to lecture the world on Democracy?? (Just read the report by Congressman John Conyers Jr).

Even in a third world country like India, with 670 million voters (almost 3 times the size of the US voting public) are not the electorate treated so shabbily, crudely and unjustly as those in Bush country, which claims to be a democracy?

Further, he has a malAdministration packed with liars, convicted felons, war criminals, (see my earlier blog entry about convicted felons pardoned by his father, Bush Sr., in his malAdministraion).

I saw a desperate post from one American in the DemocraticUnderground forum asking the world to do something about this maniac - whereupon I was forced to reply that the people to do the necessary had to be the Americans themselves. Otherwise they can suffer what they refused to fight against!!

On my part I will never accept this pseudo-religious lunatic, who belongs only in a mental asylum, as the leader of the free world!!


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