Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Difficult to smile or laugh

While the MADMAN is roaming the planet, nearer to our present home, it is difficult to smile or laugh. He brings death and destruction wherever he goes. He is presently too near for comfort. Please take him back quickly to your part of the world.

However, this web page at Democratic Underground Forum - The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, 21st February 2005 did bring a small grin on my face even though my brow is still deeply furrowed!!

The list includes:

1. Jeff Gannon (White House's own Gay Prostitute)
2. The Corporate Media (White House's own Prostitute)
3. Free Republic (It's still Clinton's fault!!!)
4. The Bush (mal)Administration (Need we say more?)
5. (Drug Addict) Rush Limbaugh (to visit opium fields in Afghanistan)
6. (Republican) Tom Coburn (Silicone breasts are healthier!!)
7. Alan Keyes (Conservative "Christian and Family Values" principles means disowning his own daughter)
8. (The Macho!!!!) Homeland Defence Vehicles
9. HHS (Retitles medical conference to adhere to "Christian and Family Values")
10. Bill O'Reilly (He believes and claims that no lies had ever been aired on his programme!!!)


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