Monday, February 21, 2005

Bush malAdministration: Vacancies, ONLY Felons need APPLY

Killer Foxes guarding the henhouse

The latest appointment by pResident George Bush of John Dimitri Negroponte as the Director of National Intelligence completes a sequence of appointments of killers in charge at the top of US Security malAdminsitration!!

Otto J. Reich (White House special envoy to the Western Hemisphere) and Elliot Abrams (Deputy National Security Advisor) are joined by their partner in vicious crime, the third and most arrogant of the lot, John Dimitri Negroponte!! They worked with various governments in Central America who had direct operational roles in mass killings. As stated by one source "They had all participated in the Iran-Contra Affair's "Iron Triangle". "

I am sure there will be attempts to reinstate convicted felon Admiral John Poindexter, who had to resign in disgrace during the last term of the Bush malAdministration and convicted felon Oliver J. North (supposedly Lt. Col.) who is enjoying his role as an "insider journalist", much like Jeff Gannon (aka James Guckert)!!

Other convicted felons who are waiting patiently to join the Bush malAdminsitration include Thomas G. Clines, Alan D. Fiers, Jr., Clair E. George, Robert C. "Bud" McFarlane, Richard R. Miller, Richard V. Secord. Casper Weinberger who was indicted by the Grand Jury in 1992 and pardoned by Bush Sr. before the case went to trial is also waiting by his telephone.

There are a whole lot of those who were investigated or indicted who have already joined the Bush malAdministration team including: Richard Armitage, Stephen Bryen, Douglas Feith, Manucher Gorbanifar, Porter Goss, Michael Ledeen, and Richard Perle.

For a complete rundown of these Bush Crime Family Mafioso a visit is necessary to The Daily KOS Blog.

To hear a passionate indictment of these three killer foxes, may I suggest you listen to the best and most professional Talk Show host in the US,. Mike Malloy a person who is known to his millions of listeners as the "Truthseeker" in contrast to persons like Christian and family values Talk Show hosts as "under investigation alleged drug addict" Rush Limbaugh or "out-of-court settlement alleged sex maniac" Bill O'Rielly, who keep their wonderful Christian values and truly godly right wing audience abreast of all the lies they can truthfully tell!!

Mike Malloy works with facts and not with verbal semantics and right wing propaganda. In his show you will hear a person from Honduras who, as a 11 year old, witnessed the work of the death squads that Negroponte denies existed!!

Quoting from the Equipe Nizkor website:

"John Negroponte was ambassador to Honduras from 1981-1985. As such he supported and carried out a US-sponsored policy of violations to human rights and international law. Among other things he supervised the creation of the El Aguacate air base, where the US trained Nicaraguan Contras during the 1980's. The base was used as a secret detention and torture center, in August 2001 excavations at the base discovered the first corpses of the 185 people, including 2 Americans, who are thought to have been killed and buried at the base..... more...."

My word - "Shades of Abu Ghraib!!" in 1981?

You need look no further than the recent Washington Post article to read of the felon, Elliot Abrams, convicted on two counts Iran-Contra Figure to Lead Democracy Efforts Abroad to know the killer fox who was appointed as the Deputy National Security Advisor to Bush!!!

"Elliot Abrams, who pleaded guilty in 1991 to withholding information from Congress in the Iran-Contra affair, was promoted to deputy national security advisor to (pR)esident Bush....

Abram's 1991 plea stemmed from the congressional inquiry into the Iran-contra affair during President Ronald Regan's administration. On Oct.10, 1986, Abrams, then a State Department employee, testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that he did not know that marine Lt. Col. Oliver North was directing illegal arms sales to Iran and diverting the proceeds to assistthe icaraguan contras.

Abrams was pardoned by Bush's father, President George H. W. Bush.....more..."

The third killer fox is Otto J. Reich. To read of the exploits of this man one does not have to look far.

The article Friends of Terrorism; Bush's decision to bring back Otto Reich exposes the hypocrisy of the war on terror by Duncan Campbell which appeared in The Guardian of 8th February 2002.

Scathing is not the word about this man who does not know the meaning of the word "legal" as everything he has ever done in full public view has been illegal. His support as an active partner of the grotesque terrorist Bosch, who was also pardoned by the former President Bush, is well known in all political circles, as this terrorist is allowed to live in comfort in Florida, guarded by another of the Bush Crime Family, Jeb.

Or to quote from Right Web when Otto Reich was apponted as Assistant Secretary of State for Hemisphere Affairs:

"...was regarded as one (of) its more serious nomination blunders. Without putting too fine a point on it, Reich is viewed with disdain throughout much of America.

An anti-Castro fanatic who was implicated in the Iran-Contra scandal... more"

"Set a terrorist to catch a terrorist" seemed to have been the Bush motto - but even after 4 years, terrorist Osama bin Laden has not been caught and Bush has created, as was predicted by Egyptian President Mubarak before the invasion of Iraq, thousands of Osama bin Ladens!!

Just Google ANY of these Yankee names to see the facts contained in myriads of documents available online surrounding their horrendous pasts.


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