Tuesday, January 31, 2006

End of American Democracy

With the cloture vote to confirm Samuel Alito being passed yesterday and the appointment of Alito to the US Supreme Court likely later today, I think I am not being overly pessimistic when I say that the end of the American Democracy has begun.

Alito will provide the necessary additional force along with Chief Justice John Roberts, Uncle Tom Justice Clarence Thomas and Mafia Boss Justice Antonin Scalia to ensure that the vile American neocon Fascist Empire is established and every effort to expand it is made at the expense of the ordinary middle and lower class American population.

It was stupid of Senator John Kerry to try to make a ploy to start a filibuster from Davos, Switzerland, as he has virtually no following at the grassroots level after his turning tail and running after the 2004 elections.

Senator Kerry was sort of energised to do this after former Vice President Al Gore and also Presidential Race "loser" showed some spine by calling a spade a spade five years after he too showed how spineless he was in the face of the neocon agenda after the 2000 election!

There are a few exceptions and the new party should be built around such devoted and dedicated people as Congressman John Conyers Jr., Congressman Dennis Kucinich, and Senator Barbara Boxer.

And in the process they should bury the Republican-lite in the party as Senator Joe Liebermann, Senator Ben Nelson, Senator Bill Nelson, Senator Barrack Obama amongst others!

The only passionate speech that was made at the Senate Session yesterday was that by Senator Edward Kennedy when he literally begged his other Democrat colleagues to see what they were doing by voting to approve the cloture. But even these words fell on deaf ears.

The Democrat leadership in America, of Senator Harry Reid and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi are totally bankrupt.

It would be best the Democrat Party just folded up and allowed the real grassroots Democrats to start a new party with fresh faces rather than the tired old ones and other Democrats in name only, whose only objective in the last two terms of the US Congress and Senate have been to fulfil their OWN agenda.

The American Democracy experiment is now over.

Let us, who had faith in the American Democratic way of Life, accept this and let us in this wide world proceed by calling America the "pariah" nation and the "centre point" of the axis of evil, that it is.


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