Friday, January 06, 2006

Letter to Bush on Secret Spying Program

Comment #13: posted by jmatthan said on 1/6/06 @ 4:07am ET... on Congressman John Conyers Jr.'s blog.

I am really why wondering why Congressman Conyers Jr. had to explain his reasons for his actions. To me, a non-American sitting here thousands of kilometres away, each of his steps has been logical and essential. Is that not obvious to all Americans who see their country moving at breakneck speed towards a totally fascistic State?

Without the systematic work of Congressman Conyers Jr. (and no other American politician has even shown the slightest intention of doing this other than Congressman Dennis Kucinich) history would be distorted by the fascists.

Congressman Conyers Jr.'s steps have been recorded by all of us political analysts around the world. Despite the American MainStream Media virtually blacking him out, he has done yoeman service to all Freedom Lovers around the world.

Thank you Congressman Conyers Jr.


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