Monday, November 28, 2005

An example of sheer arrogance

The oped by Joe Biden in the Washington Post is an example of the absolute arrogance of an American!!

He writes:

" ...we must forge a sustainable political compromise between Iraqi factions, strengthen the Iraqi government and bolster reconstruction efforts, and accelerate the training of Iraqi forces."

"...we need to build political consensus, starting with the constitution..."

"....We must help produce a constitution that will unite Iraq, not divide it."

"...The president should initiate a regional strategy ..."

"...we must build Iraq's governing capacity and overhaul the reconstruction program. ..."

Who is this "we".

And there is more.

And this is atrocious.

"Countries that have pledged aid must deliver it. So far, only $3 billion of the $13.5 billion in non-American aid has made it to Iraq. And the president should convene a conference of our Gulf allies. They have reaped huge windfall oil profits -- it's time they gave back."

US has caused this chaos - US should pay through its nose to put it right. Why come begging to these "other "countries". All Americans, as taxpayers, have to pay and pay and pay...

US has lost the invasion and has caused catastrophe by its occupation of Iraq, causing the deaths of thousands of US soldiers and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis, and this person, who claims he is a Democrat, cannot see beyond the tip of his nose.

I hope some of you will tell him where to get off.

As an international observer I was sickened to read this garbage from a Democrat US Senator.


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