Wednesday, January 25, 2006

General Wesley Clark to Keynote "Real State of U.S. Foreign Policy Forum" ...2

Comment posted by Jacob Matthan on The Washington Note on Wednesday 25th January 2006 in response to a post by "marky".

I have been on Clark's email list from its inception. I have not seen a single word in his postings which show the picture as it really is, neither from a military or diplomatic point of view. He is still so far from the breakdown point of Murtha.

Clark is posturing, just as Hilary Clinton is.

There is no economic or military reason for my analysis.

It is just ridiculous to allow this killing to go on and on - and NOTHING the Americans can do will stop it, EXCEPT to get out NOW. The Americans are the problem and the longer anyone fails to realise that, more fool them than me.

America has no diplomatic skills to bring to the table today (John Bolton ? ).

It has only US war criminals to put before the International Court of Justice.

And do you think Clark is going to do that?

No need to answer that.


At 20:05, Blogger Winston said...

hey you idiot communist.. if you think people like Ahmadinejad (president of Islamic Iran) is good, why dont you go and live in Iran and change your place with people like those who fight the fascists in Iran?

You are an insane person whose existence is dangerous for the modern world.

Go away dude!

At 06:52, Blogger Jacob Matthan said...

Thanks Winston for your inane comment.

Talk about Fascism. The US is the most fascist country today on this planet - just read 1984 or listen to it being read daily by Mike Malloy on Air America Radio and see what a mess your country is in!

I am not in your country - but you are in my world and my universe, would YOU like to just go away, please!


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