Sunday, October 09, 2005

"I Nominate Patrick Fitzgerald for the Presidential Medal of Freedom"?

Posted by Jacob Matthan on the Steve Clemons blog on October 9, 2005 03:21 AM

Sorry to appear so sceptical, but like the Butler and Hutton enquiries in the UK, the non-partisan 911 Commision in the US, and many more such examples, my feeling is that all this is hype. Patrick Fitzgerald will give the Bush malAdministration exactly what it wants - a whitewash with fingers pointing at the lowest levels of this criminal gang (as in the case of Abu Ghraib) to people such as in the Iran Contra Scandal pointing to Oliver North, who will take the fall on behalf of the higher ups and then be given the Presidential pardon.

Considering how Porter Goss, a Cheney puppet, is already protecting his inefficient bums in the CIA crowd, please don't hold your breath on this investigation into the outing of a CIA undercover operative, Valerie Plame, investigation!


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