Sunday, September 25, 2005

I am delusional! Thanks for putting me straight

Entry posted on the Gen. Wes Clark forum on Sun 25 Sep 2005 at 08:55 CET

It was interesting to see the set of replies to my last blog entry!

1. Gen. Wes Clark is so busy that he does not read his own blog!

Does he depend on those around him, as you, like Bush, to tell him the "news" he wants to hear?

From his standpoint that I have seen so far, I think that is so.

Is he, like Bush, so busy doing "hard work" not to read his own blog?

2. In one case I am accused of not handling a question about rhetoric and in another I am told that my answer to a posting showed I am not one of a small minority of people worldwide (5%) which does not follow the Microsoft herd!

What I write may be rhetoric to you. Well, I am not going to change my style for anybody. I said I am not here to please anybody, sell you anything, but to tell it as I see it. You do not want to hear - then as many of you have said, sign off reading this drivel. That is your prerogative.

Do any of you wonder why your American MSM behaves as it does? You are the living proof of what the American MSM has become what it is. I hope all of you stay tuned for the next issue of the white woman missing in Aruba!! Great knowledge to have!

4. I was accused of being many things, such as of being a liar, having a big head, being an egoist, that all of you know everything about your country, and that that I should post about Finland and keep my views about US to myself.

Thanks for these compliments, as I now know I am on absolutely the right track. If Gen. Wes Clark has supporters such as you then my charge that he is a "Bush apologist" is 100% correct. Maybe I should add he is a "Bush clone", thanks to his great bunch of supporters!

You judge a person by his hangers-on, and many of you are a fine example of what I have read Gen. Wes Clark to be.

Remember it was one of you that asked me stick around and post on this blog page. Also Finland is not raping the world!

Maybe you do not know it, but I have had over 10,000 web pages on a variety of subjects having been on the web for over 10 years! Now that I have retired from active working life I do not run my web pages as a business and have withdrawn and given up my own domain name.

But for your information my pages included "Finnish Democracy = Oligarchy", "Discrimination of foreigners in Finland", and hundreds of pages on Ethnic Minorities and their problems in Finland. If you care to read a little further you will find that I am the author of the books "Handbook For Survival in Finland", "Seven Years Hard Labour in a Finnish Holiday Camp - A Finnish University", many hundreds of articles on a variety of subjects including e-Governance prior to the US November elections which foretold what would happen and what will happen in your 2006 elections!

But to all of you that is my ego and my big head, isn't it?

For your kind information, I do still occasionally take up Finnish issues in the English media, as you may seen from my recent entry on my blog about an Indian slum and the related web page with a slide show about a Finnish slum!

It was indeed interesting that besides doing my character assassination without any facts to support it, not ONE of you addressed the issues raised in my entry - so be it.

I know what to expect from this audience. That is because it appears most of you cannot stand the truth.

I do not need to rebut any of the accusations as not one of them had substance.


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