Saturday, September 24, 2005

I am not addressing YOU

Entry posted on my blog on Gen. Wes Clark's forum on Saturday 24th Sep at 21:40 CET

It was interesting to read the replies to my first post on this blog.

First, I tackle the question of "professional army". Here is the quote I am referring to:

"Now, never bet against the U.S. military -- I wouldn't ever do that. They are unmatched in dedication and professionalism."

You can read my reply to this at:

I apologise that I may have misquoted him on this blog. He may not have used the phrase "professional army" but the above quote was summarised by me into meaning that he thought the US had a army unmatched in dedication and professionalism.

I objected to this - the US army may be dedicated (even this I doubt) but they are not professional. No professional army would make the mistakes that have been made in this invasion and occupation.

Do not blame policy. If policy dictates what an army does, then it is not a professional army. The Bush policy is known is "chaos theory" and the army is a tool in implementing that theory. And the army leadership are a set of fools to implement that theory at the cost and lives of US soldiers.

The talk of the war having been won is ridiculous. You live in Bush dreamland if you believe this.

Because your opponent melts away as they know that fighting an army armed with the might of the American army does not mean that the US won the invasion. The American army were trapped into a situation from which they are now unable to escape, purely because the American army is NOT professional. They American Army today does not even know WHO it is fighting!

Great professionalism.

Every action of the army which went into Iraq reeks of unprofessionalism. The looting, the leaving of weapons caches unguarded, the nuclear drums being left unguarded, the prison torture scandals, the hiding of photographs by the Pentagon, using legal means to cover up the handiwork of the army, flattening of Fallujah, shows an army which is totally and completely unprofessional.

Dedicated to cover up? Yes.

I have already given you the quote of Gen. Myers on the dodging of the bullet by New Orleans, showing that this is not a professional army, but a mouthpiece for false Republican Talking Points.

That is the work of an army run by sycophants - whatever the definition of sycophants you want to use.

One person thought the list of Talk Show Hosts that I made was such that not one was of "national repute". Yet he failed to name a single national liberal Talk Show Host!

With 5 MNCs and Clear Channel controlling your American mainstream media, do you think any worthwhile liberal Talk Show Host will be allowed on your national media?

That goof Alan Combes who remains a sidekick? Yes, he is nationally known - but for what?

The person who wrote that revealed that he makes up his what is national because he watches mainstream television. I do not watch television, period. Not even BBC! I have other channels to receive news, factual news. Not spin.

Three years ago I was totally and completely disgusted with ALL Americans. It is these liberal Talk Show Hosts that rejuvenated my faith in Liberal America. At least I know that there are a few who are carrying the light of liberalism in the US, which gives me some hope.

If Gen. Wes Clark is not listening to this blog, I will quit immediately. It is worthless talking to people who have closed minds and have no way other than shouting down anyone who has a opinion different from their own.

As a result of my web page of my correspondence with an "educated" American, I have had thousands of emails from ALL levels of American society about it. Most begged me to believe that Americans were unlike that "educated" American.

But seeing some of the replies here, I do not think I can accept that view. Right and left wing opinion in America seems to want to kill the messenger.

I write to all sorts of media and media personalities, such as Washington Post, New York Times, Helen Thomas, Bob Herbert, Paul Krugman, for the purpose of determining the true liberal agenda.

Many may think Al Franken is a great national liberal Talk Show Host. In my opinion, he sucks. I have heard so much drivel out of him, I am glad Thom Hartmann is on at the same time so I can listen to a true historian who conveys facts to his audience. Al Franken is a national comedian, not a competent Talk Show Host.

Issue of my hostility.

Yes, I am hostile to a nation that has caused the deaths of millions of innocent Iraqis and they do NOTHING about it but "re-elect" the man responsible. Till his re-election, it was possible to pass the blame, but not after, especially after witnessing what happened to the poor and the black in Ohio!

And New Orleans and Katrina confirmed what I thought.

So the hostility is certainly directed at Americans AFTER the 2004 elections. And I do not apologise for that hostility.

Am I trying to persuade any of you about anything?


I am trying to persuade Gen. Wes Clark that what he is claiming in his posts and articles is "rubbish" and he should come out and be an honest leader.

If not, he remains, in my mind, a "Bush apologist".

Yes, he has to be honest on these issues to make him a leader in the eyes of the world. He may earn your respect as your leader - just as Bush has his following of goats, but Gen. Clark will become the laughing stock of the world, like Bush, if he keeps insisting that American troops cannot quit Iraq NOW.

And I am NOT AMERICAN. That is my qualification.

The question of calling my hosts sycophants - why not?

Do you call a spade as a trowel?

I call people what I think they are, whether they like it or not.

You can call me an idiot - and I will accept it, if it were true. Why should I hold back words in a dialogue? To be nice? I am not here to win your approval.

Just as Senator Patrick Leahy wants to be nice when voting for Judge John Roberts?

I am here to show you my point of view. Debate me on that.

Learning and teaching.

I am not trying to teach anyone anything. I am educating myself every minute. Why else would I listen to 10 or more American liberal Talk Shows, take part in DU Underground, and blogs such as DailyKOS, TPM Cafe, John Conyers Jr. and why else would I have direct correspondence with people as Cindy Sheehan, George Galloway, Bob Herbert, Helen Thomas, etc. I learn by the minute and form my conclusions from what I hear and read from people who take time to research subjects.

(Just out of curiosity how many of you wished Helen Thomas on her birthday? I did, on 5th August. :-), Thanks to Mike Malloy. )

That comes to whether I am trying to catch anyone here or anywhere else with honey or vinegar. I am not trying to catch anyone anywhere, with anything. I put the blame where I think it lies. You will find that on my blog. Should I try to catch John Bolton by applying honey to my words about him?

Finally, the Opera Browser works wonderfully on a Mac, but Mac users also have Safari, Camino, Firefox, Omniweb, Mozilla - all of which work equally well. I run all of them simultaneously on my two Mac computers. And I have not used a Microsoft product for 10 or more years, so I sleep well at night. I am not part of the mindless herd.


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