Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Obama - all talk, no action

Comment posted on DailyKos on Wednesday 5th September at 05:45 CET

I agree almost whole-heartedly with the contents of the blog entry, "Senator Obama", by cpa1.

I was greatly impressed by the speech Barrack Obama gave at the Democratic Convention. But that was all it was - "a speech".

Thereafter, he has shown he is hardly a Democrat but another "Bush and corporate apologist", clearly highlighted by his voting record in the Senate.

He is a wimp, unlike other members of the Black Caucus. He cannot hold a candle to someone like Congressman John Conyers Jr. in terms of talking people through the issues of the day.

Obama likes playing to the gallery. He thinks he is being diplomatic and mature, but by his actions, only his total immaturity shows through like a great light.

And the Republicans are playing him like a fiddle! They play, Obama sings.

Obama started his Senate life but graciously receiving emails from the world public. Since he started getting emails he did not like, as from me, he has closed his access!! They bounce.

Speaks volumes, and after his Convention speech. now the true Obama can be seen through with his actions.

I am not an American, I do not live in America, I am not white, I am not a Muslim and I care a damn what happens IN AMERICA..

But I am concerned about the rape of MY world by members of this US Government and a weak and compliant "US opposition" represented by people like Obama.

And what surprises me is that the majority of Americans, represented by people as Obama, are living like ostriches with their head buried in the sand!


At 22:02, Blogger Bob Co said...

The reason your e-mails are getting bumped back is that the U.S. Senate does not accept e-mails from foreign countries. If you simply change the address to an American address (even if it's a fictitious address), they will get through. So, don't blame Obama for the problems of the Senate e-mail system.


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