Saturday, April 09, 2005

Legacy of Britain's New Labour

Blair's New Labour was nothing more than Thatcher-lite.

As all stupid platforms this one has found its true level in this statement:

"Longbridge and the whole of the West Midlands are becoming ghost towns."

Blair and Brown have rushed to limit the damage to their election hopes, "Blair and Brown in MG Rover talks", but the sad fact is that for the last five years Blair has been so obsessed with his illegal and destructive war in Iraq and his creation of lie after lie, he has let important subjects concerning the work of productive Britains go crashing down hill like Jack who broke his head. Now this duop are trying to repair the damage with "vinegar and brown paper", just to hide it from the electorate.

Blair, like Bush, is concerned with spending money on destruction, rather than building hope and prosperity for the people of Britain.

May he and his LOT rot in hell.


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