Tuesday, April 05, 2005

British Voting System = Banana Republic

The British legal system has lambasted Blair and his party for running a banana republic voting system. The lead story in The Guardian today is a scathing attack on the British voting system and the Labour Party represented by six Labour councillors who scammed the postal voting system.

The Labour party has suspended the six men - but like the Abu Ghraib scandal the people at the helm of the scandal are off scott free!!

Judge slates 'banana republic' postal voting system
Sandra Laville
Tuesday April 5, 2005

"A senior judge made a scathing attack on the postal voting system yesterday, condemning the government for complacency in the face of fraud which would disgrace a "banana republic".

Richard Mawrey QC, presiding over a special election court in Birmingham, warned that there were no realistic systems in place to detect or prevent postal voting fraud at the general election. "Until there are, fraud will continue unabated," he said.

He found six Labour councillors in Birmingham guilty of carrying out "massive, systematic and organised" postal voting fraud to win two wards during last June's elections for the city council. Declaring the results void, he barred the men from standing again in a byelection expected on May 12."

And , of course, as Tony Blair knows, it had to be focused on the Mulsim vote which was alienated by his action:
"It was focused on areas with a large Muslim population who could no longer be trusted to vote for the party because of unhappiness over the Iraq war."

And the Brits are complaining about Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe!!

Talk of taking the mote out your brother's eye!!


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