Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Bush believes he is communicating with the Almighty! Again!

Bush to Show Gratitude at Pope's Funeral

Bush said:
(Emphasis mine)

"He's a courageous person. He's a moral person. He was a godly person," Bush said. It is "my great honor, on behalf of our country, to express our gratitude to the Almighty for such a man. And of course we look forward to the majesty of celebrating such a significant human life."

Bush uses "is" for a dead person!! The pResident of the US does not know the difference between "is" and "was"!!

He was certainly a child who was left behind.

Then he believes he is talking to God!

In my book of rules, anyone who talks this way needs to be kept in a locked facility in a mental asylum!

This is Bush's hope that he can get away unnoticed in Europe mixed up with the millions who come to honour the former Pope. I hope that protestors will ensure that Bush does not desecrate this occasion to make political capital out of this sombre funeral!


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