Friday, April 08, 2005

Charles Kennedy - Clutching at straws

It is indeed sad for people all over the world that the leader of the Liberal Democrats in the UK is not one with broad vision. His recent statement that the bulk of the students would vote Liberal Democrat (The Independent "Backlash over top-up fees may deliver 24 seats, says Kennedy") shows that he is clutching at straws to get a few seats here and there.

There is nothing clearer than the fact that

1. Blair is a liar - there are innumerable instances that the British know, right from duping Brown about his chance to be Prime Minister, to the Iraq War, to various home grown issues.
2. Blair is the poodle of the Bush neo-cons group.

Also, Michael Howard has too many negatives, especially his lack of a clear stand on anything, including the Iraq war.

If the Liberal Democrats want to enter the Government, there is no time like the present. But Kennedy is blowing away the chances with each passing day.

The single most powerful factor driving the UK electorate will be the Iraq War.

This can be witnessed by the Blair spin machine releasing the news about the reduction of the British troops by 5500 by the end of this year. This is nothing but another lie by the Blairites to get this factor of the Election Agenda - and Kennedy has fallen for it hook line and sinker.

Why wait till the end of the year?

That gives Blair a chance, when he is re-elected, to spin another web of lies to keep the troops there and stay on as Bush's favourite poodle till such time as he can join the Carlyle Group, just as John Major!!

I hope Charles Kennedy will wake up and implement a strategy for Liberal Democrats to oppose all Pro-War candidates and support all Anti-War candidates as the first step of their election platform. This would then make it the party to lead any coalition that would form when the electorate makes its views known.

Otherwise the general inertia of voters will only ensure the re-election of another Blair Government.


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