Saturday, February 12, 2005

What can we do about the B-----Liar Blair?

Yesterday I had a good laugh when I came across a web site called Backing Blair - Democracy is a Choice.

The Brits are great with their Orwellian type of humour. There is a great Flash Video on the site which can be viewed by clicking on the link "Back Blair". Do also read the FAQ at the site by clicking on the link which is at the top right of the page.

Today, I had proof from The Guardian that Blair is just a stupid man.

Blair has today launched the election campaign with six pledges.

"Labour reveals election pledges

The six pledges:
1. Your family better off
2. Your family treated better and faster
3. Your child achieving more
4. Your country's borders protected
5. Your community safer
6. Your children with the best start"

Can anyone in the UK really believe this man and his worthless pledges?

He has never publicly accepted that he has continually lied and still continues to lie ON A DAILY BASIS.
He has remained a "poodle" to the Satanic Bush.
He has used his position and his comrades to make a mockery of British democracy.
He made a score of false promises, one after another (like these six pledges).
He appointed his "chamchas" to head inquiry commissions, to which he gave no worthwhile powers.
He misused his power to run the BBC to the ground.
He has made Britain a pariah state all over the world.
He has made Britain and the British people targets for terrorist attacks.
He has created an unending stream of new terrorists.
etc., etc.

And he has plenty of "innocent blood" on his hands,which will, in the near future in resource rich countries, soon equal his mentors if he is allowed to continue in his post!!

The people around the world sincerely hope and believe that the British will throw this horrible man, not only out of his post as Prime Minister but also, simulaneously, ensure that he never again gets elected to the British Parliament.

However, many ask "What is the alternative?" Something worse by putting the rudderless Tories to power, whose leader Michael Howard, is unable to grasp even a straw?

Charles Kennedy, the leader of the British Liberal Party, has a chance of a lifetime to reach out his hand and make his party embrace all those who are truly British and Liberal, especially Anti-War, and to ensure that his stand is no longer that of a "third party" in British politics.

I do hope that Charles Kennedy does not behave like the wimp, John Kerry, who let down every minority and every single individual who voted for him, not as the representative of the US Democratic party, but as the Anybody But Bush (ABB) candidate.

Charles Kennedy has to go to the polls, not as the leader of the Liberal Party but with the BANNER Anybody But Blair (ABB) and must save the British and the world from a B----- Liar.


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