Friday, January 07, 2005

Senator Barbara Boxer will stand up and be counted

The fantastic news is that Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer from the State of California will stand up and object to the Electoral Votes from Ohio being accepted by the Joint Session of the Houses in the US. She will join the issue with Democrat Representative John Conyers Jr. who has been instrumental in preparing the record of how there were gross irregularities in the US Presidential Election.

This means that the matter will now return to both Houses in the US for a 2 hour debate. This means that the President of the US will not be elected by popular vote of the people, like in 2001, when he was appointed by the Judiciary, but by the vote in Congress and the Senate, which again raises doubts of his legitamacy as the President of the people of US.

I have personally sent my thanks to Senator Barbara Boxer for her stand.

This ensures the claim that pResident Bush has a mandate from the people of the US is no longer a fact!!


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