Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hillary Clinton for President?

This was my comment in The Washington Note.

Hillary did not address my question.

With everyone screaming about the Bush twins not volunteering to go to Iraq, as a supporter of the war, did Hillary want or require her daughter to volunteer for service in Iraq, or was the capping meant only for others serving in Iraq?

No reply of course!

This followed my email to Hillary Clinton of Saturday last as she asked for dialogue:

Dear Hillary,

We listened today to your invitation to people to have a dialogue with you as you investigate whether you should stand for the post of the President of the US.

We are giving you, below, are our honest views.

We are sure you will ignore them. But, as you asked for them, here they are in brief.

But first: We are not American, we do not live in America, one of us is European, the other Asian, we are concerned citizens of the world, we are not Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, fundamentalists of any religion, Arabs, Blacks.

Dear Hillary, you have not understood the problem. But you are part of the problem.

You stood for the illegal war and occupation of Iraq when millions of us around the world took to the streets and protested against it. You ignored us but showed your ignorance and could not separate the truth from falsity. Not a good qualification for someone who wants to head the US.

You helped fund it and continued the killing of innocent Iraqis.

You stood by your US generals and soldiers who took part in the carnage of innocent civilians, the torture of innocents, the illegal imprisonment of people in Guantanamo and such war crimes, that many around the world consider you as one of those who need to be charged with war crimes.

You even took to task Cindy Sheehan for standing up for her dead son.

Yet, your daughter has not volunteered to go and fight for a war that you have blindly supported.

We may complain about the Bush twins not signing up, but what about your daughter?

No way? Will she run away the same direction as your husband at the time of the Vietnam war?

Your votes in Congress on the illegal war and occupation are hardly anything you should be proud of.

Now you stand for capping of the troop levels when most Iraqis want America to withdraw and 70% of Americans want the US troops OUT of Iraq.

As much as we admire you and your husband, we think your possible election as the President of USA will only further alienate the people around the world who see you as part of the problem, just as we see the illegal occupation of Iraq as the problem.

Thank you for trying to Listen. But we know the hypocrisy of US Politicians where such words as ours will go through one ear and out through the other!


Annikki & Jacob Matthan
Oulu, Finland

No answer, no dialogue when it hits at the heart of the matter!


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