Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Apple Mac Problems

(Cross-posted on my Jacob's blog.)

Posted as a comment today in the Steve Clemons Washington Note Blog entry: "The Midwest, Iran and a Great Piece on John Bolton":

Thank God, Steve, you are in a better position than me. I have 5 Macs running 24/7 online and with no virus protection software for many many years. I had a small "sound out" problem on one of my Macs last week. As I was busy I thought I would try to find a repair shop. I went to every computer repair shop in our "high tech" town and not one had a Mac technician. I finally landed up at the shop I had bought my last Mac from. The owner said, pointing around the repair shop to many tens of PCs in for repair, that he had not received a single Mac for repair for 2 years! So his Mac repair technician pushed off to another bigger town. I repaired the "sound out" problem in less than 10 minutes using online data and help! (The minimum cost of looking at a PC here is Euro 103. So you can guess who wants you to buy a PC!)


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