Sunday, October 29, 2006

Steve Clemons and Lincoln Chafee

Steve Clemons is one of the most respected Foreign Affairs Commentators in Washington DC. His blog Washington Note is one of the best on the internet.

But I strongly disagree with him in his support for Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee, who, in my opinion, has been a rubber stamp for Bush's White House when it comes to casting his VOTE.

This is a comment I posted on his blog.

I strongly disagree with you, Steve. (By mistake I used the word "agree" in the original posting, but later posted a correction.)

I have watched Chafee perform in many investigations, hearings, etc.

He is a person who speaks with a forked tongue. He never has meant what he has said. He knows what his constituents want him to say but the final outcome, when based on his vote, he has been subservient to the dictates of the White House.

That does not give him much character to stand on.

Of course, you are entitled to your views. But anyone to support someone who stood to remove the right of habeas corpus and to permit torture?

Steve, Americans are entitled to the Government they vote for. With Chafee is "what you see in his vote is what you get"!

I am sure when it comes to setting up gulags for Americans - he will be at the forefront VOTING for it.

Remember well the words of Pastor Martin Niemöller - and Steve, your stance as a reasoned American makes it difficult for me to believe in any "American".

I hope Steve changes his views!


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