Saturday, December 30, 2006

Almost 2 months on, she is back

(Cross-posted on Jacob's Blog.)

One of the most watched blogs is Baghdad Burning by the Girl Blogger from Iraq. On the eve of the execution of Saddam, she has posted a powerful piece End of another year.

Our heart bleeds for Iraqis like her, who are facing all the hardships that are thrown at them by the war criminals Bush, Cheney and Blair and their cabal of sycophants.

Today morning, after I listened to the news that Saddam had been executed at 6:00 am, I went to the local wholesale market. I met with an old friend, a Christian refugee from Iraq who has a couple of pizzerias here in Oulu. I sat down to talk with him. He shook his head in disbelief of what his fellow countryman had done. He now waits for the reaction.

As has been clearly outlined by the Iraqi Girl Blogger, the Americans deliberately polarised the issue to further promote the chaos in that country.

As she poignantly asks - the only people who benefit from all that has taken place has been Iran.

If Iran is apart of the axis of evil as defined by the US, why are they working so furiously to give them more leverage everywhere? Is it that they need to promote the confrontation between Sunni Saudi Arabia with the Shiite Iran? Further chaos and bloodshed?

I hope that Bush's trial in front of the International Court of Justice will as swift as that they held for Saddam. Luckily, in his case, there will not be any need to "fix" the evidence, as millions of Iraqis will be ready to volunteer evidence and also pull the lever to exterminate this vermin.

But I pray that they do not execute the psychotic madman but that they let him suffer a slow languishing painful death, just as that he has willed on several of his countrymen and millions of Iraqis!

I would to love to hear the ghastly cowardly laugh, not as a smirk but in pain, that he offers up everytime he hears of the death of one of his fellow countrymen or those who oppose him.


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