Monday, November 07, 2005

Any further evidence of lapdog Blair required?

Today's Guardian from the England has the article Blair's litany of failures on Iraq - ambassador's damning verdict

Meyer says PM failed to exert any leverage on Bush and was seduced by US power

Julian Glover and Ewen MacAskill
Monday November 7, 2005
The Guardian

Tony Blair repeatedly passed up opportunities to put a brake on the rush to war in Iraq, a failure that may have contributed to the country's present anarchy, according to Sir Christopher Meyer, Britain's ambassador to Washington at the time, in his book DC Confidential, serialised in the Guardian from today.


Read this Special report: foreign affairs | Special report: politics and Iraq :DC Confidential: Tony Blair and the wooing of America: Sir Christopher Meyer, former ambassador to the US, was uniquely placed to track the PM's White House charm offensive. In this first extract from his memoirs, he reveals how Labour grew to admire the Republicans: Monday November 7, 2005: The Guardian and then answer whether any more evidence is required that the poodle Tony Blair is Bush's lapdog with blood-stained paws and is also a war criminal?


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