Monday, November 07, 2005

Why the US can NEVER WIN this Occupation of Iraq

This unique video footage of a sniper, totally untraceable, pot-shotting over 50 US troops (and please watch the whole video), shows why it is impossible for the US troops to ever gain control of this occupation.

Elusive sniper saps US morale in Baghdad

Commanders weigh their options as 'Juba' notches up more kills

Rory Carroll in Baghdad
Friday August 5, 2005
The Guardian

They have never seen Juba. They hear him, but by then it's too late: a shot rings out and another US soldier slumps dead or wounded.

There is never a follow-up shot, never a chance for US forces to identify the origin, to make the hunter the hunted. He fires once and vanishes.

Juba is the nickname given by American forces to an insurgent sniper operating in southern Baghdad. They do not know his appearance, nationality or real name, but they know and fear his skill.

200 such marksmen and you have the whole US ground forces army out of commission.

And the proof is here in the video, which obviously will NEVER be shown on US TV.

Someone please send this to Cindy Sheehan.


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