Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dennis Kucinich gets it right

Like Congressman John Conyers jr., Congressman Dennis Kucinich has been absoluely consistent.

He has a very clear statement today.

"Democrats, Don't Ignore the War", By Rep. Dennis Kucinich, AlterNet. Posted November 5, 2005 is absolutely right and tells people like Hilary Clinton and Joe Biden to stuff it.

National Democratic leaders have tried and tried again to pretend it's not happening -- and politically, it doesn't work. It's time for a true opposition party.

Time to follow the true leaders of the Democratic party - not the Bush-lite gutless variety!

Only two Congressman who have been consistent
Posted by: jmatthan on Nov 5, 2005 8:34 AM

From my experience, only two Congressmen have been completely consistent right from Day 1 - Congressman Conyers Jr. and Congressman Kucinich. (I am sure that there may be a couple more that I am not aware of.)

Please stay on this course Congressman Kucinich, for the sake of my world.


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