Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Senate Dems Call for DSM, Intelligence Answers

This is with respect to the shutting down to the public of the US Senate by Democratic Senators yesterday invoking a rarely used Rule 21 to force the chamber into a closed session.

Comment #17 posted on Congressman John Conyers Jr.'s blog by me: jmatthan said on 11/2/05 @ 1:17am ET...

Congressman John Conyers Jr has been doing for years what the Democratic Senators were too weak-kneeded to do. I now hope they make up for lost time in the interest of the world. It is obvious that they are looking at the their own falling ratings and now feel "compelled" to do something. I hope some of them will have some spine to stand beside one of the greatest Congressman of all time - your goodself, Congressman Conyers Jr.

Let us see how the posturing continues!


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