Friday, October 28, 2005

Strange reactions of war criminals

I was quite intrigued to read the reaction of war criminal Tony Blair ("Blair 'revulsion' at Iran threat") at the statement of Iran's President to wipe out Israel from the face of this earth.

I certainly do not agree with the Iranian President, but what was strange is the hypocritical reaction of Blair and Bush.

They do not want us to be revolted by their "shock and awe" attack on innocent Iraqis as they bombed them out of this universe, forever.

No, we must be happy at all those innocent people that they killed as "collateral damage" while Bush got possession of the Iraqi OIL aided by his lapdog.

We must be thrilled at the depleted uranium that these criminals have scattered all around Iraq and Afghanistan.

These are not threats. Must we be pleased with these criminal actions.

And these criminals ask us to be revulsed at a mere threat!!

Thank you war criminals, Bush and Blair - i prefer to listen to outbursts of threats rather accept than your criminal actions.


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