Saturday, September 24, 2005

Bush and Blair create terrorist production line!

A report issued this month by a United Nations panel established to monitor al Qaeda and its associates said the terrorist group is exploiting the situation in Iraq, bringing in recruits from around the world and training them in urban warfare, bomb-making and other terrorist skills.

The Al Qaida network could not have asked for anything better than a real life training ground to creat terrorists courtesy Bush and Blair!!

Additionally the report added:

The committee's report said al-Qaida's message remains the same but its operations have expanded to comprise three groups - bin Laden and his deputies, fighters who trained in Afghanistan and new recruits alienated by world events who form cells locally.

It described the new recruits as a third "new and growing generation of supporters who may never have left their countries of residence but have embraced the core elements of the al-Qaida message."

Great work you morons.


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