Sunday, October 16, 2005

Attack the Messenger

Harry Jaffe has a review of the book by Craig Crawford, "Attack the Messenger"

Crawford is the White House columnist for "Congressional Quarterly" and is regularly on "Imus in the Morning".

Crawford cites the March 2003 exchange between White House correspondent Helen Thomas and Ari Fleischer, then White House press secretary.

Thomas: “Does it bother the President that most of the world is against this war?”

Fleischer: “Helen, this is an issue where you and I will never agree when you state your premise about what the people think.”

Thomas: “This isn’t you and I. This is a very legitimate question.”

Crawford wrote: “Fleischer’s handling of Thomas is typical of what has become a refined method for politicians facing tough questions from reporters. Make the reporters the issue by accusing them of bias.”

Throughout his book, Crawford offers examples to support his argument. Does anyone see it his way?

Is it only the media that politicians attack in this way?

What about the newly created web site "Help Tom fight back," and the attack that Tom Delay has launched, with the latest "disparaging" information his legal team has dug up on Texas prosecutor Ronnie Earle.

Or what about the attack by these same "politicians", led by Tom Delay and Bill Frist, on the judiciary which stood firm on the case of the brain dead woman, Teri Schiavo, in Florida, for which pResident George Bush returned to Washington to sign a Bill meant for one woman! (Of course, I won't compare it with his speed of response when millions of people were at the brunt of Hurricane Katrina!)

No, the compliant media is not the only target, at present. It is all Institutions and those who dare to question the corrupt political establishment, both Republican and Democrat, that presently is milking the American people dry of their constitutional rights, not to mention their money.


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