Thursday, September 08, 2005

Re: It Takes an International Community

Comment posted on TPM cafe on Sep 08, 2005 -- 06:26:52 AM CET

"Year after year we spend 25% or maybe, 24% of our entire federal budget on foreign aid, and this is all they offer us?"

A comment that had me laughing - give with one hand and take back 10 fold with the other!!

Like Bush " Oblivious, In Denial, Dangerous"

What do you think Bolton is trying to remove from the UN reform document?

"In meetings with foreign delegates, Bolton has expressed concern about a provision of the agreement that urges wealthy countries, including the United States, to contribute 0.7 percent of their gross national product in assistance to poor countries. "

The US presently contributes less than most EU countries of their GNP to the UN!!

In addition, the UN is a net contributor to the US economy.

Read from the Move The UN blog:

"May I quote William Luers

"The United Nations has brought enormous prestige to this already prestigious city," said William Luers, of the United Nations Association of the United States , a private group. The UN contributes some $2.5 billion a year in economic activity to the city, he points out, and is responsible for about 18,000 jobs."

The bulk of these 18,000 jobs have gone to US Nationals.


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