Thursday, September 08, 2005

Re: It Takes an International Community

Comment posted on TPM Cafe on Sep 08, 2005 -- 04:25:18 AM CET

This is probably known as throwing mud in the face of an arrogant nation and its arrogant people.

How many times have I heard it said that it is the US that ALWAYS rushes to aid countries that face natural disasters, and how a large group of Americans have pointed out to many of us that we should look after our own?

People would point me to the USAID wheat shipped to India in the 1950's as how much the US had given to that country, failing to think about Union Carbide and Bhopal as another sort of gift that the US so willingly donated to the people of India.

I can remember the tremendous antagonistic attitude to India by this US Administration for rushing to aid Sri Lanka at the time of tsunami. It was labelled by the US as India trying to get poltical dominance in territory within its sphere of influence!!

Is there anything in the world that the US has not politicised for its own ends?

With the arrogance of Bush, Bolton, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice and their like strutting across the world stage, this is the absolute response of many countries who want to rub it into the eyes of every American that the US is a third world country in EVERY respect!!

It was really heart-warming was to to see even Cuba offering assistance to this third-grade country known as the US.

That really rubbed salt into a deep wound that Bush has wrought on America as he drowns your country in blood and water, and not to mention debt!


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