Thursday, September 08, 2005

Aftermath of Hurricane Sweeps through Congress

Comment #2 posted on Congressman John Conyers Jr.'s blog: jmatthan said on 9/7/05 @ 9:51pm ET...

Dear Congressman,

What Bush and the Republicans are doing was absolutely predictable. So what strategy has the Democrats put in place to counter this incompetence?

If the Democrats cannot find a winning strategy against this highest level of incompetence, is it not that the Democrats are more incompetent than the Republicans?

How did Gandhi get rid of the British? How did Nelson Mandela get rid of apartheid?

If the US Democrats have not learnt lessons from these great leaders, then they need to be sent into oblivion and the citizens of US get what they deserve.

Yesterday, for the first time, I heard from Nancy Pelosi that she thought that Bush is "'Oblivious, In Denial, Dangerous".

The rest of the sane thinking world has known this all along, and yet you have Democrats who have been and are still unwilling to say what needs to be said. They seem to like playing footsie with the power machine while Bush strums and drowns your country in blood, water and debt.

Such issues, as fighting for bankruptcy relief in the face of natural disaster, really shows how bankrupt the Democratic Party really and how far it is removed from the people.

Maybe the Democratic party is best left to die as the more incompetent party of the two?


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