Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hurricane Katrina -- How We Got There; Where do We Go from Here

Comment #24 posted on the Congressman John Conyers Jr.'s blog: jmatthan said on 9/5/05 @ 4:55pm ET...

Congressman Conyers,

The present situation is disastrous, not only in the US, but all over the world, due to the actions of the present US pResident and his criminal gang of thugs.

They thrive on chaos, as in chaos it is impossible to locate the real source of the thuggery.

The ideal example is what John Bolton is doing in the UN - 750 modifications to a document that has been discussed and finalised over a period of time by all participants before he came on the scene, including the US State Department!! Destroy the concept of reform by creating chaos.

You, Congressman, have done a brilliant job so far on focussing attention on many of the subjects that are important in this chaos.

But you are nowhere near the centre of chaos.

Osama bin Laden, Afghanistan, 9/11 investigation, Saddam, WMD, Valerie Plame outing, Iraq, US mercenaries, no-bid contracts, Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Florida and Ohio, Jeff Gannon, Social Security, rewarding incompetence by appointments of Condoleezza Rice, John Bolton, John Negroponte, Chertoff, Michael Brown, etc., lack of troops, John Roberts, Hurricane Katrina lack of response, John Roberts for Chief Justice...

The list is unending as the idea is that a chaotic situation means that there is no target to fix on. The Mainstream Media has no teeth. The average readers do not know what is important.

So the Bush criminal gang gets to fix their Talking Points and the target is always moving.

The brilliance of the focus of Cindy Sheehan helped destroy the moving target for a time. SO it was Bush who had to keep moving to try to drawe away the focus of the MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

But, remember that when that happened, the focus on treasonous Rove vanished into thin air.

Now the single issue focus of Hurricane Katrina has removed the disastrous focus of Cindy Sheehan and moved Rove further away from the centre-point so he is back in control.

You asked what could be done.

The entire liberal blogosphere under your leadership should uniformly take up the Talking Points - point by point and destroy the Talking Points promoted by the Bush Criminal Gang. It should be you that controls the Mainstream Media agenda - not the Criminal Gang.

Can you depend on your fellow Democrat Congressman and Senators. Sadly, NO, as they are a bunch of collaborators with the criminal gang and their self interest controls their agenda, unlike you and a handful of others.

What I have suggested is the only way you will get to destroy the state of chaos.

That is chaos theory.


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