Friday, July 22, 2005

Ridiculous analyses of 2nd London bombing attempt

It is being suggested by the authorities and the media that all the four bombs failed to explode today in London and only the detonators went off.

I hardly think there would be a hundred percent success on one occasion and a hundred percent failure in another.

The two bombings in London were two different messages from the bombers to the people of UK.

The first occasion was to cause injury and mayhem.

The second was to cause chaos and confusion, just as the Americans and the UK are doing in Iraq. With that they could succeed in disrupting the financial capital of the world - London, and cause an economic crisis. It was carried out when there was little chance of creating much damage - being lunch hour, when tube and bus traffic is very quiet relative to rush hour.

The planners have succeeded in their intent of creating Blairanoia in the UK.


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