Friday, July 22, 2005

My exchange on the Guardian Newsblog

I had a dialogue with a person called Ramiro on the Guardian Newsblog. Much like my correspondence with the "educated" American, Ramiro called me a terrorist, a terrorist sympathiser, and of course, he felt that he may have to report me to the FBI.

I found that the Moderator of the Guardian Newsblog removed the posts of Ramiro as they were offensive to him. However, my responses were allowed to remain. When I went to answer Ramiro's last posting, the Newsblog was closed.

My final reply is found at the end of this blog entry.

Me responding to Ramiro:

"If telling the truth makes me a terrorist, please consider me one.
I do not shut my eyes and ears to what is happening in the world. I can read signs and they are absolutely clear what the bombers wanted to say with this series of bombings.
Ignore it at your will and peril!!
You obviously do not want to accept what brings terrorists to act on your shores as you want to be like that man called Bush who want to "fight them there" instead of " here".
Dead Iraqis, however, on the scale of London of two weeks ago on a daily basis, may be OK by you. Who are the terrorists there - the US and UK forces!!
I have already been reported to the FBI after my email correspondence with an "educated" American before the Iraq invasion. (See my blog for a link.)"

Posted by Jacob Matthan on July 21, 2005 05:29 PM.

Me replying to Ramiro:

"If opposing the US and UK invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, killing of 2 million innocent children, women, opposing Abu Gharib and Guantanamo torture, calling Bush and Blair exactly what they, and exposing their deeds - makes me a terrorist sympathiser in your eyes - well, so be it.
To me, if you are a supporter of the war criminals Bush and Blair in any way whatsoever, then YOU ARE THE TERRORISTS SYMPATHISERS!!"

Posted by Jacob Matthan on July 21, 2005 05:58 PM.

An addition to my previous reply to Ramiro:

"Ramiro - please do not show your ignorance about what is happening in Iraq.
Have you heard of John Negroponte and the El Salvador Death Squads?
Did you hear WHY doctors in Iraq (Baghdad Hospital Doctors on Strike Against Soldiers by Mussab Al-Khairallawent) ON STRIKE last Tuesday?"

Posted by Jacob Matthan on July 21, 2005 06:05 PM.

Me replying to Ramiro - but the Newsblog was closed before this entry was posted and Ramiro's posts were removed:

"Maybe you eyesight needs checking - you "conveniently" forgot to read the words "and Iraq".

And maybe you do not know that the situation for Afghani women today is WORSE than when the Taliban were in power - but I assume you are quite happy with that.

March 2005: "Sonali Kolhatkar, co-director of the Afghan Women's Mission, Pasadena, CA, and host of Uprising on KPFK, Pacifica radio, will speak on the terrible conditions still facing Afghan women, and the lack of progress on education, employment, poverty reduction, and warlord domination in Afghanistan. Kolhatkar found that main-stream media coverage of Afghanistan has painted an extremely misleading portrait of Afghan women's "liberation" and the advent of democracy."

And, of course, you are quite happy with Article 14 of the New Iraqi Constitution which will apply Sharia law to the women of Iraq. Maybe you should read the blog "Baghdad Burning" by Riverbend, the Girl Blog from Baghdad!! Of course the fact that Khalid of the blog "Tell Me a Secret" has been abducted by the new Iraqi mukhabarat is insignificant to you.

Be my guest and report me to the FBI, the CIA and MI5, MI6 and anyone other rascals you have access to. If their intelligence is of the same quality that led to the illegal invasion of Iraq, we know what will happen to your information!!"

Attempted posting by Jacob Matthan


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