Friday, July 22, 2005

Blairanoia continues on Columbia Road

The fourth bomb is reported to have exploded in London on the top of a bus on Columbia Road which is between Hackney Road in Bethnal Green Road. It is important to understand the Columbia Road is famous for the Flower market.

It is clear that is is another warning to the people of Britain that they had better get rid of Blair if they want to get out of this cycle of fear.

It also shows that neither the British Governmentn or the British Police are in command of the situation. They may be in control of all the emergency services, but they are being told by the freedom fighters that they can take out any part of the British Isles at THEIR WILL.

This is obviously not a hoax as is being suggested by some correspondents. It is a LOUD MESSAGE!!

It is only a fool (replace that with Blair) that does not understand this message.


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