Monday, July 18, 2005

Poodle responsibility fixed by Royal Institute

A report just released by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, also known as Chatham House, contains the conclusion that there is "no doubt" that the invasion of Iraq has "given a boost to the al-Qaida network" in "propaganda, recruitment and fundraising", while providing an ideal targeting and training area for terrorists.

The Chatham House report is published by the Economic and Social Research Council. The authors are Frank Gregory (Southampton University, Southampton, England)) and Paul Wilkinson (St Andrews University, Fife, Scotland). You can get a pdf version of this 8-page report,

Riding pillion to the US in order to tackle terrorism is a high-risk policy according to a new report by Chatham House and the Economic & Social Research Foundation. The report assesses Britain's performance in the war on terror, community resilience in light of attacks, the peace process in Northern Ireland and the terrorist threat in elections.

online from the Chatham House Website

The Guardian, Monday 18th July 2005 carries reference to the report in their story London attack 'linked to Iraq'

Other major comments in the report:

"Britain's involvement in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan contributed to the terrorist attacks in London,"....

"Britain's ability to wage counter-terrorism measures has also been hampered because the United States is always in the driving seat in deciding policy initiatives".....

"British authorities did not fully appreciate the threat from al-Qaida".....

"Riding pillion with a powerful ally has proved costly in terms of British and US military lives, Iraqi lives, military expenditure and the damage caused to the counter-terrorism campaign."...

On Sunday, In London, Dr Azzam Tamimi of the Muslim Association of Britain, told a rally at Russell Square, that the Muslim community would not suffer in silence for the crimes of the suicide bombers.

"We will continue to talk, we will continue to write and we will continue to challenge the government. I say to Muslims, do not bow to pressure to keep accepting those pointing fingers at you.

"Say, 'No, I'm not responsible for what happened on July 7. My heart bleeds, I condemn it, yes, but I did not make those boys angry. I did not send those bombs to Iraq. I do not keep people locked in Guantanamo Bay and I do not have anything to do with Abu Ghraib, except to denounce it.' Politicians, see what you have done to this world?"

He said that the bombers must have been "driven to frustration" and, referring to the London attacks, Dr. Tamimi said: "This is what happens when you throw stones and you live in a house of glass."

The finger points directly at "The Poodle"!


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