Monday, July 18, 2005

"We cannot change course"....?

One of the most stupid political statements that I have seen for a very very long time was the one I read in the Guardian today.

Blair: we cannot change course is the headline that has flashed around the globe.

As he drives British forces and its people over the precipice, this foolish man keeps yelling that his Foreign Policy, even after the disastrous results terror bombing of London 10 days ago, is the right course.

President Musharaff of Pakistan, however, got it right when he told Blair that he had better stop blaming others and start to look inwards about British Policy which is causing the people of the world to no more accept Britain amongst the list of civilised nations.

Remember, Blair was re-elected in the last General Election. So, the British people cannot hide behind their skirts by saying it is not British Policy to invade unarmed nations under false pretences, to kill innocent women and children, and target Muslims as part of their personal agenda of their elected leaders.

Although I applaud leaders as George Galloway, Robin Cook and Clare Short, the very aspect of reelecting Blair means that Britain remains amongst the pariah nations of this planet.


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